October 28, 2023 Update

Good news alert! Not only is Morgan recovering, but he also found his home. One of the vets involved in his care fell in love with this wonderful pup. This time, we get our happy ending, and we are so grateful. From injured, abandoned, and helpless, to the best veterinary care, and now, healing, safe in the arms of love. It only happens because of the amazing SCARS community of volunteers, donors, employees, and partner veterinarians. Thanks to everyone who plays a role to make this world a better place for dogs like Morgan. Happy endings come because of you!

October 10, 2023 Update

Morgan still at Guardian Veterinary Centre. They’re keeping him for a few more days to make sure he’s doing well before leaving into a foster home. Aren’t vets amazing? Check out a video of Morgan in recovery here!

October 8, 2023

This pup was hit by a vehicle and left on the road. Thankfully, some compassionate women reached out to us and assisted in getting the pup to one of our dedicated volunteers who rushed him to the Guardian Veterinary Centre in Edmonton.

A day later and Morgan was resting and well medicated at the clinic. He has a splinted front leg fracture and needs surgery to mend a fractured femur and tibia. When he arrived, he was severely dehydrated. What’s particularly distressing is the discovery of a stomach filled with gravel. We’re hopeful that he can pass it naturally, but there’s a possibility he may need further surgical intervention.

Thanks for all the love and support for this innocent puppy. We hope his recovery goes smoothly!