July 9, 2024

I am Mollie, and this is my story of courage, loss, and survival.

I have lived a rough life marked by poverty and homelessness. Times have been especially rough. I was both malnourished and pregnant, just trying to survive. Dangers are many, there are hungry wild animals and packs of other dogs.

I gave birth on my own. I was weak and in poor condition from starvation and an infection from a bite wound. My pups didn’t thrive from birth, I just didn’t have any milk to nurse them. By the time I was found and the SCARS community rescued me, there was only one surviving pup.

We were taken immediately to veterinary care. Those amazing people did everything they could. I know they did, but it was too late. My last little newborn left this world bathed in the loving care of the most compassionate of humans, an animal health technologist. They named me Mollie. They fixed my wounds. They said my future will be better than my past. I now have my chance.