The last ten days have been a whirlwind. Little did I know when 2 nice ladies showed up at the pound I had been dumped at, that they were the difference between life and death for me.

Mocha Truffle here and just like my name I am a super sweet little pup. My sister, Sweet Meringue and I were left at a northern pound, we were malnourished and had quite a few parasites. We were scooped up by the SCARS team and taken to a foster home. It was great, food, fresh water, shelter, clean pens, soft beds….like nothing we had ever experienced before. Besides being in such poor condition we were happy playful pups….that was until I started to feel awful 4 days later.

My stomach hurt, I didn’t want to get off the bed, my sister with all her energy made me cranky, I didn’t want to eat and I wasn’t happy anymore. Foster mom knew all the signs and knowing where I came from decided to err on the side of caution and get me checked for Parvovirus.

She was hoping she was wrong and I was just feeling overwhelmed by all the changes. Sadly she was right, positive for Parvo, a completely preventable disease with a simple vaccination. The early diagnosis was good news though, I was already in care at the vet, on intravenous fluids and getting meds when the worst of the virus kicked in. I thought I felt sick before, but this was awful, awfulness.

Apparently you just don’t know with parvo, it can be a hard battle to win, but defeat it I did, 5 days later I came out of the vet, back to my happy self. Thankfully I was with SCARS, not at the pound when the symptoms began, I would have died a horrible cold lonely death without care.

I did lose more weight, but I am happily eating again so hope to get growing.

Vaccinating your pet prevents diseases like parvo. Please keep your pet’s safe by keeping their vaccinations up to date. Also my fight with parvo is yet another unexpected expense for SCARS, please help us reach our goal in the pay it forward campaign.