June 10, 2024 Update

I arrived at SCARS a matted mess, but with the help of my new friends, I am feeling much better! Nothing like a haircut and a bath to change your outlook on life.
I have been given time to decompress and get my bearings. I am a shy guy and pretty unsure of myself and the world around me, so it is definitely going to be a while. I will need a quiet, calm, patient home when I am ready.

May 30, 2024

I know when you see my intake pictures, your heart is going to hurt a little. I want you to know that for the one person who let me down, there are thousands of others who lifted me up. Thousands of others just like you, who day in and day out do their best to make this world a better place.

MJ here, and I was dropped at a municipal pound. I was a horrible matted mess; twisted, filthy hair matted like a vice to my skin. I was blinded by matts over my face, and my own feces and urine soaked in with the dirt and debris.

Okay, that is the bad part about the human who let me down. My back story is not known….why, how, who….it doesn’t matter now. Bylaw and the municipal pound in this community have worked closely with SCARS for years, with a great relationship and sharing the same goals for animal care. SCARS was immediately contacted and asked to help. An animal in distress becomes the highest priority.

I was snappy with the staff, but no one judged me. All they gave was compassion and understanding. They deserve gratitude for their ongoing care and concern. The SCARS team swung into action. Our intake coordinator immediately said yes. A driver headed out to get me. Thanks, John. (It is a 3 hour drive one way, and you can imagine how bad I smelled).

I headed to the Westlock Vet Center for care. Luckily, there is a groomer in the clinic. SCARS and I want to thank Bridget of Classy K9 Clippings who took one look at me and moved her appointments around to make me a priority. Not only that, she donated her services. You can’t ask for a kinder human than that.

I am now decompressing. I am pretty overwhelmed, but definitely feeling much better. SCARS will give me time to recover from the trauma and find out who I really am. Stay tuned for the next chapter of my story.