This is Miss Maia (formerly called Marizapam) we rescued this beautiful baby girl 4 years ago. We were actually going to meet her sister but then fell in love with her silly playful personality!

Maia lives on an acreage just outside Fort Saskatchewan. She’s an incredibly strong, smart and fast lady! And when I say fast I mean fast! She loves playing with the cows, chasing birds, barking with the coyotes & digging holes! She loves her space & freedom just as much as her cuddles with mom and cold nights in sleeping by the fireplace. Her brother Zeus doesn’t play with her as much as she’d like but she forgets just how big she is compared to him when she gets silly, they love going on adventures together and talking long walks with mom. They are both spoiled and crave mom’s attention at the same time! Maia is a beautiful young lady who could get brushed & belly rubs all day! She would love to meet her sister and see how she is doing. She was beautiful and small like Maia but white with a black spot on her tail.