Hi SCARS, The first puppy we adopted from you guys was in May 2018 and she went by Marita; however, the name did not suit her she is now Millie! She was and is the best puppy we could ever ask for! She was a quick learner and got the hang of potty training using a bell and not once has made a mess in her crate. She loves people and has to say hello to everyone. She loves the outdoors and hiking and camping she even puts herself to bed in the tent when she needs a rest! However, we thought it was time she got a sibling. This past November we adopted Viejo and fell in love all over again. He now goes by Duke. He’s a fun loving puppy who has lots of training still to go but he and his sister are the best of friends. They are the cutest pair and add so much extra love to our lives. We thank you guys for everything you do and are so grateful.

Thanks from Ethan, Barbara, Millie and Duke

(Millie is the black dog and duke is the tan)