Thank you to everyone who organized, supported and attended this amazing private fundraiser for SCARS in August 2023. We are pleased to share their event update and summary!


Well Meat Day 2023 is in the books and was another great success….

First off we’d like to recognize and pass on a MASSIVE thanks and gratitude to Carla and her 2 helpers for attending the Sunday event. Not only were they very professional but caring of the puppies in the warm weather and ensuring their health was top priority. Of course allowing many cuddles, holding, playing and kisses for all the puppies by everyone especially the young kids there was amazing. The Puppy Party was easily one of the highlights of the day.

As for the Event itself, I’m glad Carla and her Team were able to enjoy a few tasty treats my boys prepared at the time of the Puppy Party. A great time was had by all and a lot of fantastic stories and memories will be shared and passed on for years.

With the Event officially running from 8:00 AM when the first people show up to ending around 1:00 AM approx. 90 guests would have passed thru to support us and SCARS.

With an event like this or of this magnitude for the location it’s not an easy feat to pull it off from start to finish with so much going on. However with any successful event great people who do great things make it look easy and our Meat Day Team did just that. I’d like to provide you with the behind the scenes views and the people who made this much more than an event but a family affair to share with many friends for a special cause.

Bret, Tyler Cody :  The Founders

Troy, Tim, Karen, Tayler : The Next Wave of Cooks/ Support Team along with advertising/sponsorship

Sarah, Hailey, Daniella : The Sous Chef’s and Margarita Team

Jameson/JT/Jamo: The Next Generation who’s Bret’s 1 year old son and my Grandson attending his first of many Meat Day’s ready to carry on the family Tradition

Angela: Our Event Hostess/ Support Staff

Moosh : Special shout out to our sister who passed away in 2020, she was a huge part of this from conception to helping before her passing

Baba : The BOSS, it’s her house where this all started and is held ever since, without her blessings and opening her house to now 85-100 people this never would have happened. At 83 years young she continues to oversee everything and welcomes all who attend even providing advice or her point of view on the event or life should you ask.

MEAT DAY…. The Story behind this Epic Event

The 3 Founders are the originals who started this with a single bbq to enjoy a few hot dogs, smokies and burgers from dusk til dawn over 12 years ago. As it grew in size and reputation more help has jumped in to make this event legendary every Sunday of the August long weekend. It’s evolved to where they are up for approx. 24-36 hours preparing the various cuts of meat, maintaining the wood/coal fired smokers for proper temperature and babysitting delicate meats to ensure they are served at the perfect temperature every time is comes off the grills. Even the equipment has grown to where there’s 3 wood smokers, a pit barrel smoker, 2 kettle smokers, a flat top, deep fryer and the original bbq. Now the menu consists of 2 types of brisket, pulled pork, pork side and back ribs, beef plate ribs, 45 day dry-aged striploin steaks, 2” thick ribeye steaks, tri tip steaks, pork-belly 2 ways, chicken thigh nuggets, Cajun shrimp, crab stuffed portobello mushrooms, seared crusted Ahi tuna, seared duck breasts and their amazing freshly ground brisket/chuck Smash Burgers. Oh ya….. still on the early 2-3 A.M. morning and late night menu are hot dogs and smokies.

No event to raise money for a special cause can go unrecognized by the many corporate/company sponsors who generously donate money, time and products. We’ve been fortunate enough over the years to have incredible support helping towards the event success to financial benefits towards SCARS. Here’s a list of this year’s Sponsors we want to thank and for SCARS to recognize…

#EdmontonVolvo  > including an event tent and a Volvo XC60 Hybrid for all our running around needs and viewing pleasure for our guests






**As well a special thanks to those who attended for personally donating towards SCARS**

In the end, after our Sponsors and people left, the cleaning up Team did their job , we finally sat down and were amazed at the tally raised for SCARS. So on behalf of the Meat Day 2023 Family, we are pleased to donate $4,885.00 to a fantastic cause that deserves so much recognition for what they do. Caring for puppies to adult dogs, treating each of them like family, providing them with food, water, shelter and the best gift they provide is the LOVE for each animal that passes thru. We encourage anyone who pass by their facility please drop by for a visit, to donate, support their events, or use their online services. Let’s face it…at one point in your lives a puppy, a dog, kitty, cat or another animal will have touched your heart with their devotion, their cuddles and love that will stay with you forever.