Hello SCARS, Maurice was adopted by me a few months ago and ever since has been the best part of my day.  Moments after arriving at home, he made a nice nest out of the blankets on my bed.  There wasn’t a moment where he hasn’t shown love to everyone in the house with his demand for cuddles.  He is also extremely energetic and playful, never turning down a chance to beat up or chase his favorite toys.  His favourite spot in the house has to be the glass door and window.  With full view of the bush in our yard where little sparrow and chickadees hang out, basically it is like television for him as he watches.  Even getting his shots updated at the vets was hardly a problem. Although he didn’t exactly enjoy getting jabbed, he very much liked all the pets he got afterwards.

We all love Moe very much in the house and are so thankful for having him.