Rescue can be rewarding and it can be disheartening, disheartening is the only word to describe our feelings about the rescue of Markus and Patrice.

You see RCMP received a call and arrived just in time to save these two precious babies from the freezing temperatures they scooped them up and rushed them to the warmth of indoors and gave food.

They were actually quite sure Patrice wouldn’t make it, hours from a vet they had to provide them with what they had on hand.

This story is a rescue and has a happy ending for these two, the saddest part of this rescue was that even though the RCMP responded immediately to save these poor babies it was too late for 4 of their siblings that were frozen lifeless beside Markus and Patrice.

Although we are grateful the RCMP were there for them and that these two were able to survive and thrive, our hearts still break for the babies that didn’t make it. At this time we do not know if the RCMP were successful in laying charges.

Please if you notice any animals in distress call 311 or your local authorities.

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