Hey SCARS! Here’s an update on my beautiful girl Maddi! Her foster mom was Terra, I believe! June 1st of 2017 Maddi (formerly Kat) came into my life! Last year I applied for a different dog than the one I came home with. Their foster mom, Terra, helped match the perfect dog with their perfect lifestyle! I am so glad Terra puts so much care into what she does ensuring every dog is truly going to their furever home! I was looking for a companion dog for my first girl who has severe separation anxiety. I had no idea my heart had this much room left to love another dog! Maddi is such a silly, stubborn, lazy, and loving girl! She refuses to fetch unless it’s tossed lightly into the air creating a game of catch. She mostly plays by herself having created her own game of keep away from herself! She loves cuddles, giving kisses and stealing attention away from any dog anywhere! She LOVES the dog park and being off-leash! I have learned so much about dog food allergies, dog-dog leash reactivity, and unconditional love this past year! I will never understand how someone could have possibly surrendered a dog this lovable! She gives such unconditional love and loyalty to me it’s unreal! My heart has been so full since she entered my life! Thank you SCARS for taking her in when no one else wanted her and seeing all the love and potential she possessed! To Maddi’s (Kat’s) foster parents, thank you a million times over for opening up your hearts and home to her and ensuring she went to the perfect, furever home!