Hello SCARS, My spouse and I adopted Luna about a month ago. I thought I would provide an update given how well she has settled in. We are Luna’s third home as she was previously returned twice. As soon as Luna entered our home, it was as though she realized she was home and never leaving. She started cuddling with us and playing with our resident dog from day one! We tried to keep the three-day, three-week, three-month guidance in mind when we brought her home, but within the first two days her personality was coming through and she had fully bonded with our resident dog. He loved her from the start and even now he’s her little shadow. Wherever she goes, he follows. We are so happy with our new addition and even though she has only been with us a month we could not imagine life without her. Our only regret is that we didn’t adopt her sooner! She has brought so many laughs to our home. She is so smart!  On the first night we brought her home, she did not like her crate and figured out how to open it and got out in the middle of the night! On days when she is feeling mischievous, she likes to tease our resident dog, Yogi Bear, into wrestling matches and chase, which she almost always wins. She is primarily bonded to my spouse and likes to spend her days cuddled up with her brother at my spouse’s feet waiting for him to finish work, so they can go for long walks together! We have started taking her to the dog parks and found out that she loves to swim. We will definitely do more of that in the future!! We are so grateful to SCARS for bringing her into our lives. She was always meant to be a part of our family!

Take Care,

Jazminne, Joey, Yogi Bear and Luna