I adopted LuLu 10 years ago in June, just before her first birthday. She joined Chester (black dog in second picture) who is 2 years older and a few cats over the years. We just adopted Gracie on March 30th of this year from In the Woods Animal Rescue. She is the one sleeping with her paw on Lu’s tail. Lu was a “wild child” but has blossomed into such an amazing dog. It took a lot of patience and love to get her where she is today, but she has been worth every pair of chewed underwear, shoes, destroyed couch and every hole dug in the yard! I couldn’t love her more. She is the alpha, the momma, and the comforter to our other dogs. I can’t imagine our lives without her! I know you can’t remember every animal that is rescued, but I wanted to share LuLu’s happily ever after with the organization that saved her first! She will be 11 years young in June and we are blessed that she is a part of our family!