Hello SCARS, My fiancé and I adopted Lulu (formerly Luna) five months ago. At the time we weren’t looking to adopt. We were worried that a second dog would be more work than we could handle, especially given that our first dog child is such a handful, but we had seen the news articles and knew there was such a need for rescue/shelter adoptions. We knew we had the means, space, and room in our hearts and decided to put aside our worries and adopt our girl … well I am happy to say that all our worries were for naught! In light of our experience after all these anxieties (which I have often heard now from others considering adopting a second dog), I thought I would provide an update.

Lulu has taught us that dogs truly do choose their people. She loved and trusted us from the get-go, I think she knew she was always meant for us. Within the first two weeks, she and our other dog were already attached at the hip and her recall was good enough to be off leash. Her confidence and curiosity calmed our first dog’s anxiety, and her trainability and good recall have also made it easier to train her brother. She polices him when he misbehaves! She keeps us laughing with her antics, especially with what we call “her bum wiggles” when she is super excited and happy. We love watching Luna and her brother play and the sneaky ways they trick each other out of antler chews. Her resilience, unconditional love, and zest for adventure constantly inspire us and make us laugh. She has completed our family in a way we could not have imagined.

One of the best parts of adopting Lulu was being able to keep in touch with her foster parents. They too were so attached and in love with her that we just couldn’t bear to not keep that relationship with them and her foster brother alive. We meet up a couple of weekends a month to let our dog children run and play in the dog park and chat about life and dogs along the way.

In short, we are so glad we put aside our worries and adopted a second dog! Our lives have been richer, healthier, and easier because of our girl! Thank you SCARS for bring her and her foster parents into our life, we are so grateful! We hope our story can help others considering adopting a second pup take the plunge.