Hi SCARS, Even though we don’t have room for another dog we still look at all the animals that SCARS has and it breaks our hearts to read about the poor animals that come into their care that have been injured and neglected. It warms our hearts that there are organizations out there to help them and caring people to adopt these animals and show them the love they so deserve.

Here is Loki after having five teeth pulled (at 8 months old). We noticed he had one badly formed adult tooth and took him in to have it examined. The X-rays revealed that he had five teeth that needed immediate extraction as they were infected and had not developed proper roots. The vet cautiously asked us if he had ever fallen and was relieved when we explained how he came from a rescue and was found all alone as a puppy. Sadly, the most likely explanation for his dental injuries was that he had been kicked as a baby. It’s truly amazing that he is so friendly and trusting given that the beginning of his life must have been very difficult.

Thank you so much to SCARS, Loki’s foster mom and all the volunteers. And anyone looking at getting a new animal please seriously consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. You may not know what lies ahead but I guarantee it will be a rewarding journey.