When you buy a house or property, it’s not uncommon for the previous owners to leave behind maybe a random tea towel in the kitchen or perhaps a rake in the garage.  But usually you don’t find a young kitten like Little Charm.

Little Charm was found with a front right leg that had sustained serious trauma which led to the tissue dying and decaying. In order to save her life, we could not save her leg. The decision to amputate is never made lightly, especially with a kitten so young.

Little Charm is 5 days post-surgery and has a bit of recovery and rehab ahead of her. She is resting comfortably in her foster home and is already adapting to life as tripod. Her personality is so sweet and she is winning the hearts of everyone who sees her adorable face.

Please note, we’re not saying anyone specifically abandoned her, only that she was found at a property that had recently changed ownership.