Hi SCARS! Diane and I thought it would be nice to give you an update after one year. Lily has gradually been blossoming. Every month it’s like she realizes that she’s still here and relaxes a bit more. She has become more active, and is a very engaging cat in that she talks a lot!

She and Scooter have become inseparable, and like to wrestle and race around at 5 a.m., just to make sure we get up so they can both then fall asleep on the couch  after eating a bit. Lily loves to watch birds shows on YouTube and has become quite a fan of going outside, even venturing out in the snow for a good 10 minutes.

She has blessed our home, and given Scooter a real companion.

Thank you for taking care of Lily for the time you did.

Daniel and Diane, Scooter, and Lily