Hi SCARS, Lady, formerly Nala, is a dachshund-golden lab mix, adopted through SCARS in December 2016.

She had been surrendered to SCARS after it was discovered she was pregnant with a litter of puppies. She took a few months to really warm up to me, although she followed me everywhere in the meantime. She wasn’t much of a snuggler when I first got her, but one night she snuck up into my bed and curled up against me like a little spoon, and now can’t get enough cuddles and has absolute trust in me.

She always lays outside the bathroom door when I take bubble baths, just waiting for me to come out. She loves to chase any birds she sees, and has an arsenal of stuffies and bones to show anyone that stops by.

She can run like the wind, and makes the whole family dizzy when she runs circles around us in the yard. I can’t imagine life without my quirky, sweet Ladybug.