Hello SCARS, Look at me, I just turned three! My name is Kya, and I found my forever family in 2020 totally by chance while they were doing a meet-and-greet with another pup. My brother Ranger and I were both being taken out of our foster mom’s car, and I made my way right over to my dad’s legs and started doing some full body wiggles. I knew I had found my family. It took a few weeks but after a meet-and-greet with my new big brother, Moose, the decision was made to bring me to my forever home! I was so very shy and fearful but was so ready for love!

I now weigh about 70lbs but think I’m a lap dog and I have definitely become the “class clown” of the house. I am always showing my belly off for belly rubs or showing off my full body wiggle when I’m really happy.

I fell quickly in love with my big brother, Moose, and enjoy roughhousing with him and follow his lead whenever I can. My other brother, Tito (our senior cat), and I have a pretty good relationship as well. I clean his face all the time much to his dislike but he sits there and lets me do it. He even lets me snuggle with him sometimes.

I have an amazing support system of friends and neighbours and a few amazing dog walkers that come to see me five days a week. They take me to the dog park and for other adventures to help me build my confidence. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them! Mom says “it takes a village” applies to dogs too – whatever that means. I still have a lot to learn but I’m healthy and happy and enjoy being the goofy one in the family who makes everyone laugh.