Hello SCARS, Here are some updated pictures of Kodak (formerly Lurch of the Adams Family litter) born September 3rd, 2021, adopted October 29th, 2021.  He is a big boy with lots to say and will respond to you if you say “hello.” He loves the winter weather and the snow, and his favourite temperature is around -10/15 (shocker I know). He just got over his shoe-chewing phase, but still believes the recycling is his toy bin. He’s a big brave boy until the neighborhood fireworks start, and then he just wants to cuddle his humans. The last couple of days he’s been adjusting to being a big brother with new responsibilities, showing his little sister how things work around here. Overall, he’s a good independent boy who likes to live on his own terms. His family couldn’t be happier to have gotten this amazing puppy!

P.S. We would love to see how the other pups from the Adam’s family litter turned out!

1. first visit (October 27th, 2021):

2. First Day with his Fur-ever family (October 29th, 2021):

3. First Halloween (he was a bandit):

4. Some puppy pictures (2021):

5. Kodak now (Christmas 2023, His 3rd Christmas):