We wanted to drop a quick email to thank SCARS for bringing us together with our newest dog and to give an update to Koda’s old family that may be wondering what he is up to.

We were lucky enough to adopt a sweet and shy dog Cooper (formally Jordan) two years ago from SCARS but our house was way too quiet. We searched for a playmate for her for a few months and SCARS was a big help to find us the right dog. Koda came highly recommended as a possible match to our family by Cooper’s foster mom. When we met Koda we loved his energy, his size, and the fact he was so cute. When we did the meet and greet with the two dogs it could not have gone any better. Cooper appears to calm and relax Koda, and Koda has the ability to bring out the puppy in Cooper. The two of them are completely different dogs together then when they are apart.

We applied and were accepted to bring Koda home to our acreage near Stony Plain early in 2018. Our fenced yard is perfect for the dogs  to play for hours. The two dogs are great company for each other. Where one is the other is close behind.  There are endless trails to explore and squirrels to chase and Koda has not become bored spending time in the yard yet. Koda loves spending time with family members. He follows you to the laundry room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and is always the first one out the door when we go outside.

In March Koda started obedience at our local kennel and he is a quick learner. He’s a little vocal when he sees other dogs but he is working on that. He’s very treat motivated which make for easy training but he has a hard time concentrating when you open a package of treats. We have big plans that Koda will follow his sister Cooper and start competing in Agility trials by the spring of 2019, if his training goes as planned. He is an active dog and loves to please his handler which is a perfect combination for agility.

Koda has bonded with all members of the family in the short time he has been with us and even gives the cats a lick on the face if they get close enough. He will never pass up an invite to cuddle on the couch and somehow knows you wanted to cuddle even when you didn’t ask.  We are very thankful for SCARS and all the volunteers do to bring animals and families together.

The Trimble Family