Meet Koa and Axel! Koa and Axel came into our care during March 2019. Koa has quickly become mom‘s little girl. Her brother Axel loves to follow and learn from Koa. With a lot of attention, a lot of love, and a lot of time they made themselves totally at home. Their basic training has been success and they now sit, stay, come, and Koa knows lay down. (Axel is younger and getting there!)

We are now learning shake a paw and play dead. The cats in the home have adjusted to the invasion and we are now in a place where everyone can do their own thing, mostly. Axel would still be happiest if the cats would play with him. Axel seems confused by any being that doesn’t want to play with and love him. Koa’s favorite thing besides mom, is my six month old niece. Koa sits, nudges and snuggles right in for cuddles with the baby.