Hello SCARS, Kiwi here! You knew me as Cassy.  I came to give some news, how I’m doing, how my humans are doing… all of this.

I love it here. These people are crazy about me. Good food, lots of scratchy-scratchy, games. I am keeping them in line: I demand food to be served at the precise time and with special preparation. I know they sneak some pumpkin in my wet food but I allow it because it is good for me and it’s not possible to grow cat grass. You guys should feel my fur. It’s sooooo soft and silky now. They serve me only the best: Wevura wet food, I am into the tuna-salmon mix, but the shrimp is very delicious too. For crunchies (kibbles), I have some Orijen, the fishy stuff mostly, and TD crunchies. They say it’s best for my teeth. I get my crunchies only when I am done with my wet food and I have to fish my crunchies. I was eating them too fast, so she gave me food puzzles.

Now, I accept to be picked up, mostly by my Mom. I remain mostly weary of strangers. But I still come to have a peak to see if they are treating my parents ok.

They don’t yell at me, I just get a “Kiwi, this or that.” They are into positive attitude and reinforcement. If I scratch the couch, it’s soooo tempting, I get a “Kiwi, you have two scratching posts right here,” but it’s not yelling, just a slightly stronger voice. When I use my scratching post I get praise. I used to have candies, but Mom said I can’t have candies all the time, sad. But I get loved and adored, so it’s a good trade. They are talking to me nicely, I have, “please, thank you, could you…”.

They got me a carrot!!! I totally love it. I even try to scratch my back claws, I’m working on it!!! I attached a picture.

I get brushed every day. Don’t worry, I have a boar bristles (human) hairbrush, it’s sooo great. She’s also using a regular comb with fine teeth to get my fur when seasons change. Biweekly I get my mani-pedi and I don’t protest too much when I am grabbed. I actually don’t fight back when it’s Mom. She is ok, she loves to grab me and cuddle me. I learned I won’t finish in a wee space, just with lots of kisses, and pets and snuggles. I don’t like to get my mani-pedi but it feels much better after. Mom says it’s OK not to like it but it’s a necessary evil. Plus, if we do it regularly, it becomes easier each time. In any case, I always get delicious candies after.

You want to know the best: before they got me, they prepared a month-long trip. Turned out I couldn’t come because at the destination there are two other cats. They are not too fond of having more company, so I had to stay behind. I spent three whole weeks with Grandma! I was terrified at first and I realized that she was OK, so I ended up giving her lots of cuddles. I love her because she was so worried I wasn’t eating that I got my crunchies on a plate. I’m trying to get that one flying with my Mom, but nope. Instead, she got me a harder food puzzle: I have to solve riddles to get my crunchies. But I am family. They are coming back for me, they are not abandoning me. They are making sure I can’t wander away. I am always inside, when the front door is open, they are making sure I do not come too close. In a fashion, I’d like to go out there and sniff everywhere.

I love cuddles, scratchy-scratchy. Turns out they are not bad, it’s very relaxing. Now, I sleep in the open, on the couch belly exposed and nothing happens. I love to have a little snooze on the couch with them when they are watching a show. I interrupt to get some attention, but they are always very positive about it. One of her friends gave me a pillow-bed but I don’t like it so far, except to knead it, I knead it like crazy. It’s also a good spot for my mousies’ nest. (They are toys, not real ones).

I went to the vet back in April and she said I was doing great. I got my rabies shot for three years, my teeth and gums look good, my health is great, my weight is spot on.

I discovered that playing is fun! They let me have the zoomies without getting mad. They just invite me to be careful and avoid hurting myself. They don’t hesitate to make sure anything that could be cause for injuries is put away from my zoomies’ way.

I am learning what sleeping in means. And I get to play almost daily with The Very Elusive Mr. Red Dot!!! I really like to chase the laser to start my day, while I catch my breath back, my Mom prepares my morning soup: wet food, pumpkin puree and hot water. I love it. I have structured days. I am not jumping straight to the ceiling then under the bed when a weird noise happens anymore, I go investigate! Ok, I keep my parents in sight, just in case. I am always offered an opportunity to sniff things, I am always told if it’s ok for me or not but I can sniff. I made immense progress. I even tolerate being in my pet carrier, I occasionally sleep in it. It’s wide open, of course, I can go when I want. I can sleep on the bed with Mom, if I want. I typically do, she is ok to sleep with. I can’t sleep with Dad, he moves way too much during his sleep. Ah, yes, he is a night owl and works from home at night, so Mom and I have the whole bed for us until roughly 4:30 am.

There’s just one thing: do you guys know you left me with a French??? I had to learn it. Well, it’s ok, I go by intonations but still. There’s also another item: Mom does not like when pets that are not starving are jumping on the food, I learned I had to have some manners to get my food: acknowledging my meal is served by sitting near the spot when she deposits it.

I still have to work on my cattitude a little: I am not rubbing myself against walls and making my place. I occasionally rub myself against them but I do it only seldomly, they wish I do it more often and regularly. They installed a wall corner that is dispensing catnip when I scratch myself against it but I use it more as a face scratcher than to train. They are also trying to teach me with their hands when they pet me but I don’t understand.

OK, it’s time I pester my Mom to get ready for bed. I like when she is in the bed when I go to sleep. I’m attaching some recent pictures of me, I have been coerced to make some – with candies.

Have a lovely evening and a great weekend SCARS, lots of cuddles, snuggles and puuuuuurrrrrrsssss.

Kiwi, Goddess of her new place!