August 14, 2022… We are working on EMERGENCY basis only right now and it’s breaking our hearts.
We received a call about a group of cats that were found in a plastic bag…. a plastic bag. 😢 💔
Alone and left to die until an amazing bystander brought them in, and cared for them until we had space open. They’re now in foster care and in need of litter & food assistance.
Also, meet Windie.We aren’t sure what caused this to her jaw but it looks like it’s skinned, along her teeth is exposed when her jaw is closed. She’s currently in good hands with our team at Westlock Veterinary Center.
It’s all so very heartbreaking we know but you can help!
Starting Monday through to Sunday, August 21st when you call in to G&E Pharmacy’s Curbside line – (780) 465-3608 – you can donate these much needed supplies!
❤️ Litter ($10)
❤️ Wet kitten food
❤️ Kitten Kibble
OR you can donate a monetary value of your choosing to be put towards the purchase of these much needed supplies.