This is a short story about how we decided to huddle into a boat and start sailing Alberta! Maybe while you are reading this, we will inspire you to want to adopt a travelling kitten!! Some of you may think we are crazy little creatures who decided to suffer the stormy terrain, long drives and uncomfortable motions on the water but we are in search of a big new bed, cat nip and a stable new life.

Our journey began on August 12, 2019 when we decided to hitch a ride and get out of town. The four of us crawled up, into a very small space and decided to hang on tight as the ride was just about to begin. We kept on telling each other – “Where the winds will blow us …where the seas will take us…We will find our forever home.”

We decided to visit gas stations, lakes and sailed all the way in to Edmonton. What a beautiful place! We want to spend our lives here – without any concerns, enjoying the beautiful scenery Edmonton has to offer. We are excited for a new adventure, new ideas and a new future.

While on our final journey, a wonderful lady found us and works with SCARS. She told us that we would find us forever homes, without having to sail the lakes anymore. She told us that we will find a permanent destination and we are so open to this change.

The only thing we know is we are ready for this. Travelling isn’t too appealing when you have been doing it your whole life.

Thank you SCARS for giving us a chance. We aren’t ready for adoption just yet, as we are still just a bit sea-sick, but once we are back and healthy – I can promise you we will be ready to cozy up to you and show you how lovely we can be. Please view our list of all the kittens available for adoptions, although SCARS’s Intake was CLOSED – they made room for us and many others.

Thank you SCARS.

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