December 17, 2022 Update…

That horrible elastic embedded in Kesha’s neck causing infection and pain is gone. She is a very good sport for hydro therapy and is healing well. The damage seems to be limited to her skin and muscle, nothing structural. Not only that, she is well enough to leave the veterinary clinic and has arrived safely in her foster home to continue her recovery!

December 7, 2022 Evening Update…

Kesha is a little overwhelmed right now, but she’s had some pain meds, and although might be a touch high, feels way better! She started hydrotherapy, which is a great healing technique, and seemed to go alright (which is good news, because she will need it twice can day for the foreseeable future). Now she needs lots and lots of sleep! 💤

December 7, 2022 (Warning: Graphic Images)

Brutal cold conditions create such stress on animals and humans alike. 🥶
Our community outreach team was delivering Walls for Winter dog houses today and were alerted to a dog in need with a neck injury.
We warn you the pictures are awful. Our rescue team will tell you the smell was worse. 💔
Only about 8 months old, this sweet girl has a long road ahead. The injury is the result of an elastic being placed around her neck, likely months ago as a smaller pup. As she grew, the elastic became tighter and tighter, embedding itself in her neck. She is receiving emergency medical care tonight to treat the infection and clean the wound, but we are deeply concerned about the long term impacts her neck and throat have suffered. 💔
It hurts our hearts to know how senseless this injury is. Elastics should never be placed around an animal’s neck, they can cause tremendous damage. This poor pup is out of the cold tonight and under the watchful eye of Dr. Brendan at Westlock Vet Center.
We are hoping for the best. And every pup should have a name, just so they know they matter, so welcome to SCARS family, brave Kesha.