Hi SCARS, Our beloved Mocha passed away somewhat unexpectedly on July 13th of this year. While we became used to life without my quirky little girl, it became very apparent that our Jerry (who we adopted from SCARS June 2016) was missing the play time that was a big part of his life with Mocha.

For us, the house seemed empty without Mocha’s larger-than-life personality. So about a month ago we started looking for a new buddy for Jerry, and found this young girl on the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society website. A “meet and greet” took place a couple of weeks ago and was an overwhelming success – it didn’t take very long for her and our Jerry to start running around and playing.

We brought “Java” home a week ago and she is settling in quite nicely. As she has about 20 pounds on Jerry, we limit the amount of play time and it is really working well, considering that little Jerry is the real instigator for play time! We’re not sure what she is in terms of breed(s) – we will be doing a DNA test to confirm. Java is super affectionate, has an amazing temperament, and just wants to cuddle when it’s time to relax inside. She is turning into an awesome buddy for our little guy!