Hi SCARS, Just wanted to send you guys a quick update about the two cats we adopted, Sonic and Tails, now called Jasmine and Pekoe.

I’m so glad you made sure they got to stay together, since they really love each other!

They are doing great! Jasmine was shy at first and did not like to be petted but she’s a cuddle bug now. She likes to find little things around the house (i.e., earrings or tissues) to play with. Pekoe is very chatty, and enjoys when there is music on or we sing. He also loves searching the house for food and is always hungry. They are learning to come when called and enjoy play-fighting over toys. They can usually be found cuddled up in a kitty bed together (often making out).

We are so happy to have them as part of our family especially since they get along so well.

Dr. Ania Sergeenko