Hello SCARS, I know the work rescues do is hard, but I want to send thanks to you all. It’s been one eventful year since we adopted our kitty Jadzia from SCARS (“Jade” was with the Doyles). She’s such a bright personality, extremely affectionate (she bent my glasses on my face once with her enthusiastic snuggles), exceedingly curious and playful. We feel so lucky to be her family.

She loves to play with plastic springs, anything with catnip, “fishing rods” with feathers, and any random string she can get her paws on. She’s obsessed with watching the birds through the window from her perch, and there have been a couple times she’s forgotten that she can’t Kool-Aid man through the glass. If we are holding the baby, she realizes we’re “stuck,” so it means extra cuddles, but if she has a choice she loves to sit on our collarbones. She’s maybe not the most intelligent (I’ve had to rehome a few plants since she has no impulse control), but we have *mostly* taught her to stay off the dining table, but chairs are okay! True to her Siamese nature, she’s super chatty, which is actually lovely as I work from home when I’m not on mat leave.

So thank you all for your work. If you didn’t do it, we’d be missing a critical member of our family.