Hello SCARS! I am Harlow (formerly Zena) and I chose my furever home back in 2014. When I was with SCARS, I was extremely timid. The slightest noise or movement would send me into hiding. I warmed up to my mum in the pet store I was being fostered at and actually cuddled into her arms. The staff said this was highly unusual of me! I chose her and I’m glad my mommy chose me back and took me home that day.

It’s been 4 years now!! Look how big I have grown! I am thriving here with my family. We have even adopted another cat from SCARS just this year ( Kalypso, formerly Celene). We have gotten used to each other now and have both evolved from very timid kitties into playful, loving and rambunctious characters.

When I get happy and purr I actually drool out of my nose, it’s the silliest thing!

Thank you so much scars for giving us a second chance at love, I am doing well and look forward to a bright, happy future here with Kalypso.