Hi SCARS! I wanted to pass along a much overdue update of my best friend Hammond (formerly Rex). Hamm and I met a little over six years ago at one of your adoption events when he was just a little pup. I knew we were destined for a lifetime of cuddles and adventures when, within two minutes of me being in the kennel with him and all his siblings, he wandered over and promptly fell asleep on my lap. Fast forward six years and he is still doing the same thing… just with a little extra weight behind him.

Hamm and I have gone on many adventures together, but this summer marks perhaps our biggest adventure yet. This summer Hamm has become a true adventure dog and is riding around the city in a sidecar! He took to being a motorcycle dog without hesitation and loves all of the smells, treats, and attention that has come along with it. The only thing he is not a fan of is his goggles – but he has been informed many times that they are necessary and non-negotiable so hopefully he becomes more comfortable with them as times goes by. I am hoping to take him on some longer rides later this summer, but until then we are both content exploring the city together in this new way. Thank you so much for all the work you do in helping match people and their pups. And for providing me with the best adventure buddy I ever could have asked for.
All of our love and some of Hamm’s sloppy kisses.
Hamm & Paige