Hello SCARS, it was 8 years ago that I brought Gus home on April 2nd. He was 9 months old at the time and will be 9 years old this summer. He is a wonderful gentle cat. Five years ago, my cat Billy passed away. Gus was really out of sorts and wandered the house meowing for days. So, I found new kitten (Rusty) for us. Gus did have to teach Rusty some cat manners but now they are good companions.

Gus having come from SCARS had the advantage/socialization that comes with living in a foster home. Rusty is also a rescue but lived in a place where the cats were kept in small cages (big enough for a litter box, food bowls and a bed). He was sharing that cage with his brother. To say he was a wild man when I sprung him from there would be an understatement. None the less Gus managed to teach him cat etiquette.

Recently Gus made a big change. You see even though he is friendly, loves to be petted and enjoys sitting close to me, he does not like to be held and never sits on my lap. However, in January at age 8 and a half, he has decided he wants to sit on my lap and now does this every day. I’m not sure why but I love our new daily cuddle routine.

I’ve attached 3 photos; the closeup is him on my lap. There is also one of him with Rusty on the tower, and the third is him “helping” me sew coats for the local Christmas hamper program. By the way, the words help and cat rarely belong is the same sentence.

I really do love him; he is a great friend!