Hi! I am Grizz!
Let me tell you something – I am thankful for SCARS! I was brought in to Westlock Vet by a lovely person who found me. I was pretty small, pretty lethargic and the vet was unsure of my status. The vet hung onto me, and the staff there spent days where they took me home every night to give me some extra TLC. It took me nearly 3 weeks to even remotely recover – and I am still skin and bones.
I’m not in the clear yet – but my foster mom mentioned there’s a food drive going on today on Amazon Wishlist for kittens like me! Kittens who need some wet kitten food and fresh litter. *Kitten Wet food and Litter is a top NEED right now!*
Any chance you can help out our SCARS Foster Homes? A little dude like me would be so thankful.