Hello SCARS! I just wanted to let you know how Goose is doing since we’ve had him. He has adjusted so well. The first few days he was shy and wanted to just hide under the bed until he was comfortable. It took about a week but slowly came out. He now runs to the door when he hears us come home and immediately wants pets which we are always happy to see. He loves to be held like a baby. I can’t imagine how we lived without him. We are so happy and grateful to have him. As I am sure its the same for him. He loves to sleep all day and go on a run marathon at night and wants us to do the same. He comes right up to our heads and pushes it with his to get us up, LOL! His favourite area is by the back window. Loves to sit there and see what’s going on in the world.

He is unlike any cat I have ever seen or heard – very calm and trusts us 100%. We took him to the vet and they say he is perfect at his weight and health. He was such a champ taking his last vaccine. Loves to play a lot. Sometimes when he is on the floor and we will peek over the couch he will see us and jump up to our face and grab it with his paw. He does like to go on his running sprees across the main floor and upstairs. Probably because there is so much room for him to. One thing that makes me laugh is when we are sitting on the couch and if we get up for any reason, he will quietly move himself into that spot, LOL! He is quite photogenic too. I catch him in the funniest positions. I have a few pictures to share.

Thank you so much for bringing this handsome boy into our lives. We can’t picture it without him.