We are very sad to report that the last of Gloria’ puppies did pass away.

January 22, 2024 Update

Gloria here with a little update! I am getting amazing care, and my last surviving baby is getting amazing care as well. She isn’t out of the woods yet. She is a wee little one and fighting hard for her future. The frostbite has resulted in some painful abscesses. They are being treated, but as a mother, I just want her to get better. I tried licking her to help, but the vet said best not to. So the team here got her some teenie tiny onesies to keep her wounds clean. They named her Ace, as in Chase the Ace, hoping that will bring her just a bit more luck. It has been a tough journey so far. ♠️

January 14, 2024 – Update

Sadly, one of the remaining two puppies has now passed away.

January 13, 2024 – Update

So many feelings! I don’t really know which to feel. Grief? Gratitude?

I guess it is possible to be so sad for what I have lost and yet so grateful for what I have been given at the same moment in time.

Gloria here…. only 2 of my babies have survived. There are so many possible reasons my other little ones passed on. Cold, poor maternal health, failure to thrive, genetic….we don’t know. Just like people, I grieve the loss of what might have been.

At the same time, I am so deeply grateful to all those who helped me. Everyone who stood for me and said I mattered. The list is long. You all know who you are. All I can say is thank you.

My remaining pups are being treated for frostbite on their paws. The emergency vet gave them pain meds and a close examination. So far, so good. The feet appear to have circulation….most important! Some of their toes may be compromised, but that is not for sure. The soft footpads will likely have dead tissue slough off, but hopefully regenerate.

I love them very, very much.



I guess I am going to just feel all the feels.

Thanks for supporting SCARS in whatever way you can. You are all lifesavers.

To help, please consider adopting and opening your loving heart to one of our wonderful animals waiting for their forever home.

Love Y’all, Gloria

January 11, 2024

You get to go from your heated house to your warmed car to your indoor job… and still … the crushing cold chills you to your very soul.

Think of me….

I have no home. I am pregnant. The cold is relentless. The wind cuts like a knife. I find my way to the area school. I know children will share food with me. I just love them they are so sweet to me.

A kind and compassionate soul sees me and my condition, sees my love for the children. He knows I need help. He does everything he can in the moment. With material at hand, he builds a shelter and gathers straw to fill it. I am so, so grateful. Just this small amount of shelter from the elements is life changing. It is just in time. My pups can’t wait any longer. I do my best to keep them alive. Three succumb to the treachery of the weather. I huddle around the others, holding them close. Hoping with all my heart, I can keep them safe. I don’t know it, but my friend who built the shelter also made a phone call. A call to a rescue group that helps in my area. He hopes SCARS will help me. They send a driver as soon as they safely can.

I am safe, but my remaining babies … at this point, we don’t know. Their tiny paws got so cold. I tried, I promise you with every fiber of my being … I tried to keep them dry and warm. I don’t know if it was enough. The vet says all we can do now is wait and hope.

Please hear me…..the cold is deadly to those of us without a home. We need you so desperately. What can you do right now?

Adopt one of the animals in care today. You save 2 lives, theirs, and one waiting to come in. Support our ongoing raffles. All funds raised go to emergency medical expenses. Donate your time, your talent, or funds. Everything will help.

Tonight, I am resting, holding my little ones close in a warm building. I hope my tiny family will be okay. I know the vet team and loving staff at the Morinville Rescue Centre are doing their very beset for me! With deep love and gratitude…  Gloria.