Hi SCARS, Lady Jasmine’s name has been changed to Ginger.

Ginger has been great for the kids. She loves to lay with them and be petted- she’s a purrrr machine!!

However, she doesn’t like to play with the kids like Lenni does and get rambunctious. So the kids are learning to be more calm with her to have her attention. It’s great before bedtime because they are all winding down. From the first night Ginger slept in Ari’s room and now she alternates between Ari and Noa. She’s a gentle little soul that naturally attached herself to the kids.

She’s more like a therapy kitten. She does, however, play all day with Lenni. But she innately knows to shift her energy when interacting with the kids. It’s great. As opposed to Lenni –  she is our monster; growls at guests, attacks our feet, and hunts for imaginary mice at night.

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