Oh George.

On January 25th, 2020 we got a message asking SCARS for help of a dog that wandered onto a deck of an elders care center. The residents were concerned due to George’s eyes and also the weather conditions were cold. He was cold, hungry and thin.

YES was the answer!

We headed to grab the sweet boy and brought him into the vet. An examination confirmed he was blind, although we would need a specialist to determine the diagnosis. They think it was a condition called Microphthalmia, a congenital condition.

His feet were frost bitten, infected and antibiotics given.

He’s been at his foster home for one month now. He is one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever cared for. Just lovable, gentle and tries so hard to be just like the resident dogs.

He is not ready for adoption yet, but stay tuned to our website for when he is. We would be looking for a very special home for George!