Hello SCARS, I thought you might like an update on George the blind dog that was found in January. He’s been with us just over 2 months now. George has become quite the little local celebrity! The neighbours all know him and their kids like to give him treats. We can’t go the pet store and not bring him or the workers are disappointed (true story- I once had to make a quick stop and the ladies were so sad he wasn’t with me I went home and brought him back so they could have a visit). We have strangers come up to us and ask, “Is this George the blind pitbull?”

All the worries and fears we had about adopting a blind dog are gone. We bought a ramp and gate because we thought he would have issues with the stairs. George had the stairs mastered in about 20 minutes! We just have to say “stairs” when we’re in a new place and he knows to be careful. Most people are amazed at how well he navigates the world and can’t believe he’s 100% blind.

George loves going for walks, meeting new people and belly rubs. He’s mastered sitting and laying on the paddle boards. He’s the best couch snuggler!

We feel so lucky to have him in our lives and couldn’t ask for a better dog!