Hey SCARS! Thought you might like an update on Finnegan (formerly known as Gable). Finn is growing into a big, rambunctious guy! The vet couldn’t believe how big he was for his age. He’s quite active, enjoying lots of long walks, and chasing Daddy around the house. Nothing is more fun than biting Dad’s shorts and stealing Mom’s slippers!

He’s a very social guy as well. When Mom & Dad’s work schedules overlap, Finn hangs out with his Grandparents. No one can say no to spending the day with Finn! He loooooves going to Grandpa’s house. They go on lots of long walks together, and Finn gets to hang out in a nice big yard. He loves being outside as much as possible. The other Grandparents run a mechanical shop. Finn loves playing with the mechanics and visiting his Aunty at reception.

We are so grateful to have Finn. He makes friends everywhere he goes and never fails to entertain us with his talking and clumsiness. He does so well in new situations and is learning very quickly.

Thank you guys for everything ?