Hello SCARS,  We adopted little Bailey (white-formerly Mindy) and Finn (brown-formerly Mork) on January 2, 2011. My family and I cannot express how much love and joy these two amazing little pups have brought into our life. Our two boys were young men when Bailey & Finn joined our family. Now they have families of their own and our grandkids are getting to know our pups. They both love going for walks, car rides, truck rides – anything where they are with us.

We recently have been taking them to a care facility when we visit a friend and they are brightening the day for several of the residents there. Always friendly and happy. They’ve recently started “telling” my husband and I when it is time to go downstairs in the evening and cuddle in the big chairs with warm blankets. Bailey loves her belly rubs and ear rubs. Finn loves cuddling in my lap and little puppy kisses. They’re definitely both getting older but are mistaken for “puppies” often.

I’m taking my four-year old granddaughter to “Let’s Pawty!” at the Spruce Grove Play Cafe where a portion of each ticket is going directly to SCARS. A fun way to offer support.

Thanks again for bringing these two home to us and for all the work you do.