I wanted to give you a little update on Figaro. It’s hard to believe that we’ve had her for nearly two months! She’s settled in beautifully and we LOVE her. We’ve come to know her as a very sweet, quirky little kitty. She always seems to be near us, frequently comes for pets, sleeps with us, and even lets us pick her up… sometimes.

She has an adorable habit of resting her chin on her paws or on us. It’s stupidly cute.

She still makes herself scarce when friends and family come over, but that might make her even more special to us — not everyone gets to know her delightful personality.

She and our other kitty, Bug, get along just fine. They wrestle a lot and occasionally I find them cuddled up next to each other, sleeping. We’re hoping that we’ll see more and more of that in the coming years.

Her eye has completely cleared up, and we haven’t needed to give her medication for it for many weeks.

She LOVES to play. She still loves hair elastics (she steals them from my dresser), though her current flavour of the month is Q-tips. She fishes from the bathroom and we’re currently finding them all over the house. We have a routine where she brings her favourite toys to our bed, which we then throw down the hallway for her to fetch. Her current stash includes a small stick, milk jug rings, a toy spider, and of course Q-tips & hair elastics. You know, none of the “real” cat toys we have.

She is very diligent about using her scratching post, and we haven’t had any problems with her scratching furniture. We’re continuously impressed with how sharp her claws are — they’re like little daggers of death. Andy and I have figured out how to trim them sans-towel, but it’s definitely a team endeavour.

All in all, she’s been a fantastic addition to our little family and we’re so, so happy to have her. I”ll send some photos to you later on today.

Thanks again for fostering her and letting us adopt her!