March 18, 2024 Update

Festus here, and things are going better than we hoped for! Big thanks to the Lloydminster Animal Hospital, they rock!

My vet made me a brace to keep the broken bones stable, and it isn’t too bad at all. I don’t get to do much, cage rest is really, really boring in my opinion… but it is the key to my future!

I can walk…. it isn’t perfect but I am mobile. So now we just wait and hope my young bones can knit themselves back together. Cage rest gives me lots of time to ponder life: I think everything is going to be alright.

March 3, 2024

Why? I don’t understand. Left to fend for myself on the side of a road. I waited, you know. I waited for your return, but to no avail. I kept running into the road to see if it was your vehicle. Why? I don’t understand.

Then their car hit me. A glancing blow, but they must have heard the noise, felt the impact. It was hard enough to break my bones, but they drove off and left me. Why?

Then, she drove the car that stopped. Others drove by, but she stopped. What made her different? I am grateful, but I still don’t think I understand. She stopped and asked how I was, if I needed help. In my own way, I told her… I am broken and hurt, I desperately need help. I am amazed, but struggle to understand what’s happening. Why would a stranger who just met me say, “Yes, bring him into care, SCARS will find him the veterinary treatment he needs. SCARS will attempt to save his life.”

I am going to stop asking why, because I think I know the answer: That the majority of humans, just like her, care deeply and want to help make the world a better place. My path crossed with a few who didn’t care, but in the last few days, I have met far more who care deeply, compassionately, and unselfishly.

My vet named me Festus. I have a spinal fracture in the thoracic vertebra. They tell me it is an extremely difficult area to stabilize through surgery. Thankfully, I am young. My awesome vet is making me a custom brace to stabilize my back and restrict any twisting or turning. I will be on the strictest of cage rest with only supported walks for the shortest periods of time.

Then we wait. We wait for my bones to knit themselves back together. I believe. I have to. It is my best chance for a happy future. Please believe with me.