Hello SCARS, I wanted to give you an update on Fergus (adopted in October 2019). He has grown into the handsomest boy ever! We are now a big, happy family of 6 with our newest addition, Charlie, a stray cat my sister found in Calgary. Fergus is the sweetest boy and we love him dearly! He is very good at adjusting his play style to suit Tiger, our big dog, and the two cats so he doesn’t hurt them; and the cats love him! It’s quite entertaining to watch the cats playfully swat at him rolling on their backs while he pretends to try to bite them. He is the best at fetch, tug, and “bitey face” with Tiger! And Fergus’ favorite thing is belly rubs!

We are so very grateful to SCARS for rescuing Fergus, fixing his broken leg, and allowing us to be his forever family  We couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He seems so happy and we want to thank you immensely for all that you do.