December 6th marked one year since Felix (previously Rex) came into our lives. Although we did not know it at the time, Felix was meant to be part of our family and would soon be our first foster win in the 2.5 years we had been fostering. After a month of having him as a foster we adopted Felix and it is a decision that we will never regret.

This handsome cat fits in so well with our weird family and has become best friends with our younger dog, Bender. Felix is also a very good brother to all the other foster cats that come through our door. He shows them how to be a house cat, he grooms them and plays with them. In fact, if we don’t have any foster cats in the house, Felix will wake me (his mom) up at three in the morning for “cuddle time.”

So, we now ensure we always have fosters in the house for Felix to entertain. That way we all get a good night’s sleep. But despite his poorly timed cuddles, Felix is the happiest, most content cat that we have ever had and we wouldn’t change a thing about him.

We love his broken purr, the little meow he lets out every time we catch him doing something he shouldn’t, the way he dangles off ledges when he’s chillin’ and the way he greets us at the door every day after work.

Thank you SCARS for bringing this amazing cat into our lives and happy adopt-a-versary Felix!