Please join us in thanking the organizers of Meat Day 2019, an annual family and friends BBQ party that includes a charity fundraiser. With the help of sponsors and attendees, on August 4th they raised $1,150 for SCARS.

Tim Tymchuk shared their story….

Meat Day was founded and started in 2010 by 3 young men having fun. Little did they know their vision would have included today’s epic event. Thanks to the original founders, Tyler (our oldest), Bret (our middle son) and Cody (our nephew). Troy (our youngest) and I joined in 2011 and things grew rapidly since then.

The event began on Baba’s (my mom’s) back patio on a small Weber kettle grill. Not only has it grown to the front driveway and entire yard, it has now evolved to three smokers, a pit barrel smoker, two charcoal BBQ grills and a gas BBQ in the front driveway and yard. There are a few family members that are keys to our success. Without them Meat Day wouldn’t be as successful or rewarding. They are Sheila Tymchuk, Hailey Letcher, Sarah Furtado, Baba T, and Moosh, Karen and Tayler Tymchuk.

This year we had major sponsors with Mike Norris of Edmonton Volvo wanting to get involved. Not only did Mike provide significant financial support, he also provided their custom tent and a gorgeous 2019 X90 for display. Our next biggest support came from Tyler Eastcott from Tytom Distinctive Cabinetry & Finishings. Tyler helped and provided items for the event including sponsorship. Having two bigger sponsors on board this year allowed us to get involved with SCARS.

The corporate sponsorship didn’t end there as the following companies were gracious enough to provide financial support towards our combined donation to SCARS:

  • Anderson Hockey – Stephen Anderson
  • D&M Concrete – Darrell Tocher
  • Triple T Construction – Tim Tymchuk
  • Envelope Sealant – Dave Gibson
  • Concrete Resources Inc. – Darcy Manchak
  • Alberta Sportswear – Dave Tang
  • GB Junior Trucking – Glen Boyd

Wait…. there’s more in terms of sponsors. Here’s a massive shoutout or thank you for all the families, friends and individuals who donated monies to help support SCARS this year.

That pretty much sums up our Meat Day 2019. Now the scheming, planning and meetings start for our 10th annual in 2020.


Tim, Tyler, Bret, Troy and Cody
Aka: Meat Day Committee