Hello SCARS, We adopted Ester (Sept. 8, 2022) and Peaches (Sept. 10, 2022). Life has sure been an adventure since! We started with almost 2 weeks of them hiding under beds. Finally after all that time of laying on floors petting them and them getting used to us, they came out! Ester is pretty reserved and mostly keeps to herself. She likes pets and having her tummy scratched. Peaches on the other hand is an extension of myself. She needs to be in my arms all the time. She is very vocal and it’s easy to have a conversation with her. They have grown so much since we got them last year. Now that the warm weather is here, they love coming out into our backyard. Ester loves chasing flying bugs and Peaches loves lounging. AND this August, they are going on VACATION!! We are headed to visit our parents and I couldn’t imagine leaving them for 2 weeks. They are coming with us! Attached are some photos of them over the past year (I have so many it was hard to choose and this is all that will fit) having fun and living their best life. Thank you SCARS for letting us adopt these 2 precious kitties. I can’t imagine them not being with me and I will do my best to give them the life they deserve.