September 21, 2022…

Elizabeth Pupdate!
🆘It’s a “2 steps forward, 1 step back” story for this gal. She is feeling so much better than 2 weeks ago when she first came in (see last 2 photos). Her appetite is back, she is full of energy, and her skin is healing nicely! She loves sitting by the campfire listening to the sounds of nature with her foster family 💕
💔Unfortunately, Liz was diagnosed with Pannus today. Pannus is an eye disease that can result in blindness if not treated. It’s a lifelong problem that can be managed but not cured. Liz has daily eye drops and will be monitored closely by one of SCARS’ supporting veterinary clinics, Aspen Trails Vet Clinic.
🤞Liz was also diagnosed with an umbilical hernia and an ongoing skin infection. Her hair is thinning and falling out, and portions of her skin are turning black. She will try some new medications and will need a surgery to repair the umbilical hernia.
🐾Despite her challenges, Liz is a happy and loving pup! She feels the love and support from everyone – her foster mom reads Facebook comments to her!

September 8… * Warning ⛔️ *Graphic Images Ahead *

Sadly we have been having to say no all day long and it’s heartbreaking. 💔
So many waiting for spots. 💔
How do you choose who’s life is more important? They are ALL equally deserving. 💔
We are currently operating on an emergency basis. 🆘
We believe Elizabeth was that emergency today. Her sibling already died, another canine companion was killed & this 7 month old pup is in need of medical care.

From Elizabeth’s foster home:
“I cannot fathom how uncomfortable Miss Elizabeth’s demodex is for her. When she came in yesterday, her face was oozing and bleeding. Her nails were so long that she would cut herself when she scratched. Her eyes were filled with pus. Her mouth was so sore she would only eat wet food. She is skin and bones and her hair is falling out in clumps. She’s only been with us for 24 hours but the meds are working! Her eyes have cleared, her face seems less swollen and she’s overall just more alive. She is so so lovely – she gets along with the resident dogs and cats and starts wagging her tail when any humans come near her. And in 24hrs, she has yet to have an accident in the house!”

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