WE DID IT!!! We met the hardest dog in the world to catch & we caught her!!

Check out Elusa on CTV News on May 28, 2020!

This poor smidge of a pup was abandoned on a roadside. We strongly believe she was abandoned as she was literally in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone. A dogs survival instinct kicks in and usually cause them to go look for food, shelter, companionship… but in some cases dogs with extreme loyalty will stay at the last place they saw their “person”.

This poor gal stayed in her spot waiting for her person who was never to return. Community members became concerned about the dog. No one was able to go near her but kind souls left food.

SCARS was notified and we tried help.

Humane traps were set but this little firecracker wouldn’t even so much as poke her head inside. More community members got involved and more food was left. This dog was even gaining weight but wouldn’t come within 60 ft of any human. (Even the kind-hearted souls that came twice a day to check on her and give her food.)

Skidoo’s were used… horses at one point… yet she eluded them all & continued to wait in her spot by the ditch. SCARS was able to bring in a dedicated dog lover – K9 Recovery Service – that stayed roadside to help build a bond & a trap, yet nothing. After weeks of trying it was decided to use vet assisted medication to sedate her. This is a last resort, when you can’t weigh an animal it’s very dangerous to properly dose the medication. When you can’t get close you are definitely guessing her weight, too much can kill her but too little can be ineffective yet still cause enough drowsiness she puts herself in harm’s way.

But yesterday with 6 people – by 12:30 – we had a very sleepy pup which we still had to coral into a pen & then catch. She was so groggy but she even wagged her tail & gave a kiss to her dedicated team. She was checked by a vet and released to sleep off her meds. More on her soon our darling cunning little “Elusa”.

A huge thank you to K9 recovery Service for coming the long distance to help us & as a team managed to safely trap Elusa!!

To donate directly to Elusa, please go to www.scarscare.ca/donate and put her name in the Memo!