April 18, 2023 Update

Elgar is doing well and is leaving Guardian Vet hospital today to finish his recovery in a foster home! He still requires some hydrotherapy on his one leg and medication, but he’s in good hands.

April 7, 2023 Update – *Warning: Graphic Images*

This wonderful dog is in good hands with Guardian Emergency Vet. 🚑🚑 The puncture wounds have all been debrided. You can see how painful this would be but thankfully Elgar is in good spirits!

April 6, 2023

Meet Elgar 🚑 This handsome guy was picked last. Huge thank you to Saving Grace Animal Society for picking him up and meeting a SCARS driver who took him to an after hour’s emergency clinic. We don’t know yet the extend of his injuries but know he was beat up by another dog/dogs. He also has injuries to suggest he may also have been hit, we assume by a vehicle. He is currently being treated by a very capable team of vets and technicians.