*This is why we do what we do!*
We got a call on August 10, 2019 about animals being abandoned on the side of the road.

They had an angel watching over them as a wonderful person picked them up and contacted SCARS. Immediately SCARS contacted their participating vets to see who could take them in. They opened their clinic for them to get dropped off immediately.

The wonderful person even made a donation towards their vet bills.

This is what we do every single day. We open our homes, hearts and wallets to help care for these animals. Although our intake is still at full capacity and we have to deny numerous requests per day, we keep our head high, we stick together and keep our eyes on the animals.

Things will hopefully slow down one day. For now? These animals have an amazing roof over their heads, they have started their ongoing medical treatment and they will be looking forward to finding their forever homes in a few short weeks.

*Thank you for the donations towards these animals and all of the other amazing animals in our care.*
*Thank you to the vet offices of ours that continuously seem to amaze us.*
*Thank you to the foster homes for making space.*

Please consider donating towards these amazing animals.