Hello SCARS, I wanted to send an update on the most beautiful pupper. My parents adopted their Duke from you guys 11 years ago. He was Hopps then.

My mom saw him on your Global TV news segment and had to love him!! ❤️ He lived the best life, living out at Jack fish lake for his first ~6 years. He was like the ambassador for that place. He was well known by all the locals and much loved. His favourite place was out on the lake, on a boat ride❤️.

He had a beautiful fur sister, a chocolate lab named Rainy. They were inseparable. Rainy was three years older than him. The last five or six years they’ve lived out at Alberta beach and were spoiled rotten. Rainy’s health has been declining for some time and last September, while I was grooming Duke, I noticed something scary. He was diagnosed with cancer ????. He fought hard and went through a tough surgery and we hoped he’d be OK.

The last month, we knew that wasn’t the case. He didn’t want to eat and he barely “talked “ to us anymore, which was so not like Duke. He told stories for days❤️. I’ve always said that if Duke was human, he’d be my soul mate.

On May 6, 2020 we said goodbye to both of our beloved fur beasts ????. It was a heart-wrenching decision but It only made sense they take their last breath together because neither would have survived without the other and both deserved to finally be at peace. They were so loved and their paw prints can never be filled. Rest easy my doggos????❤️????.

Thank you SCARS for bringing Duke into our lives. We know we will never ever meet another boy like him in our lifetime.